I am available for consulting on all aspects of statistical analyses, including

  • Implementing a principled Bayesian analysis workflow
  • Integrating Stan into an existing analysis pipeline
  • Developing and analyzing bespoke models for a given application
  • Debugging, optimizing, and validating existing Stan analyses
  • Optimizing algorithms to specific applications
  • Communicating statistical concepts and insights to stakeholders

Please contact me for any inquiries.

I am also available for training, in particular courses covering introductory and advanced Bayesian modeling with Stan.

Testimonials from Previous Clients

“I’ve recently been working a project for modeling defects in a manufacturing process. As an engineer, I haven’t had much exposure to probabilistic programming, applied statistics, and custom modeling. I felt overwhelmed with trying to learn so many things at once, so I reached out to Michael for help. He asked a lot of questions that helped me turn my own subject matter expertise into a descriptive model of the data. Throughout our sessions, Michael has been able to coach me on how to describe my data with statistical distributions, how the probabilistic programming language Stan can be used to describe the model, and how to troubleshoot when things don’t go as expected. Despite an intense background in applied statistics, he’s easy to talk to, learn from. He is one of those rare individuals that understands a subject well enough to be able to explain things simply. I estimate that working with Michael (as opposed to trying to figure this out on my own) has cut the project risk by 75% and cut the schedule by 50%. I’d encourage you to reach out to Michael, say hi, and see what he has to say.”

Chris, Principal Engineer, Manufacturing Industry

“Stan is the cream of the crop platform for doing Bayesian analysis and is particularly appealing because of its open source nature. The programming language and algorithms are well designed and thought out. With that said, Stan has a very steep learning curve requiring lots of hours to get up to speed on your own. I have been to two training courses taught by Dr. Michael Betancourt and took an opportunity to have some consulting time. These sessions have proven invaluable to improve my use of Stan, increased my learning and usage rate, and informed me how to diagnose and detect issues that will inevitable will arise.”

Robert Johnson, Corporate R&D, Procter & Gamble